Introducing a Biblical Story
Presenter:  Elizabeth Adkisson

Objective:  To explore developing an introduction to a biblical story that enhances both the telling and the receiving of the story

Why set the stage for a story?  
    •    Because you want ears ready to hear
    •    Because you have a contemporary audience which differs from an ancient audience
    •    Not all listeners have extensive biblical knowledge to know story context and issues

Sample objectives:
    •    To level the playing field of knowledge of biblical historical and cultural information
    •    To establish or refresh of the context of a story
    •    To create fresh energy for a very familiar story  
    •    To plant seeds of understanding as to why the story was originally told
    •    To illuminate the cultural and relational atmosphere of the story to enhance its impact
    •    To signal an audience to listen for certain things that might spark pondering
    •    To relate the story to contemporary situations

What can you look for in your story to guide you?  
Where can you look for information?
How can you be creative?

Working with a sample story, or with a story chosen by each participant, members of the workshop develop objectives, research plans, and ideas for creating story introductions backed with meaning and/or atmosphere creation.
Workshop can benefit from the participants having their own devices for online research.
Duration minimum:  90 minutes