Presenter:  Elizabeth Adkisson

Objective:  To encourage exploration of ways to enrich your embodiment of characters in stories and to shift from narrator to character and back easily.

Principles at the base of this workshop
    •    The eyes gather information faster than the ears.
    •    Kinesthetic sense – The sense of body position and movement of body parts relative to each other.  It provides sensory feedback of the muscles during motion and is part of muscle memory. Since both the teller and the audience share the kinesthetic sense, the audience will gather information from their own muscle memory as they watch and listen to a teller.  They will be able to relate to body silhouette, facial expressions, reactions, gestures, movements and voice.  They will better understand what each character is going through.

Areas for exploration in exercises:
    •    Personal Space
    •    Stance.  
    •    Silhouette
    •    Centers of Energy  
    •    Vocal Energy  

Application in a story
Participants are given biblical stories from which to discern information about the characters and to explore possible embodiments to support telling these stories.

Minimal duration:  90 minutes