I became interested in theatre as a means of urging people to think about life and its issues.  A Master of Fines Arts degree from Southern Methodist University set me on a course teaching the complete range of performance skills: acting, voice, movement, mime, stage combat, and period movement. I directed scores of performance projects and staged plays in colleges, a fine arts school, community and semi-professional theaters. Then I retired.


God had other plans.

He was just waiting for me to notice all the opportunities to develop skills that he had provided for me and to understand that they could be used for his purposes. He led me to discover storytelling, specifically, biblical storytelling.  So, I have directed my skills into the joyful pursuit of biblical storytelling through the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International (NBS).

In 2016, I:
     ...completed the Master Certification through the NBS Academy for Biblical Storytelling
     ...published an educational resource:  "FINDING GOD ALIVE! Reclaiming the Life in the
             Stories of God through Communication and Embodiment Skills" 
             (see the resource link above)
     ...taught a workshop at the NBS Festival Gathering in Washington, D.C.
     ...and was a Storyteller in Residence for the NBS Scholars Conference

The best part of the journey has been seeing and hearing audiences respond in a new way to the scriptures. I am anticipating the opportunities ahead to share because..."I Love to Tell the Story."